Curriculum Vitae, Daniel J. Jacob

Last updated November 4, 2022

Address: Pierce Hall, 29 Oxford St., Harvard U., Cambridge, MA 02138 U.S.A.
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Professional Experience

Harvard University. Vasco McCoy Family Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, 2004-present; Gordon McKay Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, 1994-2004; Associate Professor, 1991-1994; Assistant Professor, 1987-1991; Postdoc, 1985-1987.


Ph.D. (1985), Environmental Engineering Science, Caltech; Ingenieur Chimiste (1981), Ecole Superieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles, Paris; Mathematiques Speciales (1977), Mathematiques Superieures (1976), Lycee du Parc, Lyon.


Top-ranked environmental scientist in the world according to, based on H-index (2022); Solvay Chemistry Chair, Université Libre de Bruxelles (2022); Special Commendation for Extraordinary Teaching in Extraordinary Times (COVID-19) awarded to top-rated 10% of Harvard faculty (2020); Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Chinese University of Hong Kong (2017); ECMWF Fellow (2016); AGU Charney Lecturer (2016); Peking University Distinguished Lecturer in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (2015); Atmospheric Environment Haagen-Smit Prize (2010); Top-ranked geoscientist in the world according to the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) based on 1997-2007 citations (2009); IGAC Keynote Lecture (2008); Ranked 16th "hottest researcher in the world" by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) on the basis of frequently cited papers (2005); NCAR Thompson Lecturer (2004); NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal (2003) "for outstanding seminal contributions to the understanding of fundamental physical and chemical processes in the lower atmosphere of the Earth";  NASA H. Julian Allen Award (1999) Editor's Citations for Excellence in Refereeing, Geophys. Res. Lett. (1999), J. Geophys. Res. (1991, 1998); James B. Macelwane Medal, American Geophysical Union (1994) "for significant contributions to the geophysical sciences by a young scientist of outstanding ability"; Fellow, American Geophysical Union (1994); Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering (1989); Presidential Young Investigator Award (1988).

External Committees And Responsibilities

Carbon Mapper Advisory Committee (2021-); EDF MethaneSat Science Advisory Group (2019-); Chair, NCAR ACOM Modeling Advisory Board (2018-); UK National Center for Earth Observation Review Committee (2018-); Steering Committee, NAS Decadal Survey on Earth Science and Applications from Space (2016-); Leader, NASA Air Quality Applied Sciences Team (2011-2016); Co-Chair, NASA GEO-CAPE Atmosphere Science Working Group (2011-); Mission Leader or co-Leader for NASA aircraft missions: SEAC4RS (2013), ARCTAS (2008), INTEX (2006, 2004), TRACE-P (2001), PEM-Tropics (1996, 1999); IPCC AR5 Review Editor (2012-2014); EPA Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committees (2009-); NASA Earth Science Subcommittee (vice-chair, 2009-13; chair, 2006-2009); GEOS-Chem Model Scientist (2000-); Steering Committee for NOAA Postdoctoral Program in Climate and Global Change (chair, 2009; 2006-2009); NRC Committee on A National Strategy for Advancing Climate Modeling (2011-2013); NRC Committee on International Transport of Pollutants (2008-2010); NOAA/ESRL Review Committee (2008); Lead Author for IPCC 4th Assessment Report; NRC Earth Science Applications from Space Health & Security Panel (2005-2007); NASA Earth System Science and Applications Advisory Committee (ESSAAC) (2002-2005); Associate Editor, Atmospheric Environment (1991-); Science Advisory Commmittee, NYSERDA Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Protection Program (2000-); Chair, Community Climate System Model (CCSM) Advisory Board (2004-2006); Chair, EPRI Workshop on Interactions of Climate Change and Air Quality (2005); Chair, NRC Committee on Radiative Forcing Effects on Climate (2003-2005); Science Board, LASPAU Border Ozone Reduction and Air Quality Improvement Program (2003-2006); Visiting committee, Division of Engineering and Applied Science, Caltech (2003-2008); Chair, Haagen-Smit Award Committee (Atmospheric Environment) (2003-2006); Adivsory Board, Clean Air Task Force (2004-)

Ph.D. Students And Postdocs Advised

Ph.D. Students

Lucas Estrada (G1), Nicholas Balasus (G2), Sarah Hancock (G2), Laura Yang (G2), Ellie Beaudry (G3), Drew Pendergrass (G3), Jack Bruno (G4), Nadia Colombi (G4), Haipeng Lin (G4), Makoto Kelp (G5), Elise Penn (G5), Hannah Nesser (G6), Tia Scarpelli (PhD 2021, postdoc at U. Edinburgh), Jiawei Zhuang (2016-2021), Daniel Varon (PhD 2020, postdoc at Harvard), Rachel Silvern (Ph.D. 2019, NAS program officer), Joannes Maasakkers (Ph.D. 2018, scientist at SRON), Dan Cusworth (Ph.D. 2018, project scientist at U. Arizona and Carbon Mapper, Inc.), Alex Turner (Ph.D. 2017, Miller professor at U. Washington), Karen Yu (Ph.D. 2017, data scientist at Lyft), Hannah Horowitz (Ph.D. 2017, professor at U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Katie Travis (Ph.D. 2017, scientist at NASA/Langley), Shannon Koplitz (Ph.D. 2016, scientist at EPA), Lei Zhu (Ph.D. 2016, professor at SuSTec), Chris Chan Miller (Ph.D. 2016, postdoc at Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory), Patrick Kim (Ph.D. 2015, manager at Transom Consulting Group), Helen Amos (Ph.D. 2014, scientist at NASA/Goddard), Eloise Marais (Ph.D. 2014, professor at University College London), Qiaoqiao Wang (Ph.D. 2013, professor at Jinan U.), Kevin Wecht (Ph.D. 2013, data scientist at GoGuardian), Lee Murray (Ph.D. 2013, professor at U. Rochester), Peter Zoogman (Ph.D. 2013, professor at Minerva U.), Justin Parrella (Ph.D. 2012, data scientist at Facebook), Amos Tai (Ph.D. 2012, professor at the Chinese U. of Hong Kong), Jenny Fisher (Ph.D. 2011, professor at U. Wollongong), Eric Leibensperger (Ph.D. 2011, professor at Ithaca College), Christopher Holmes (Ph.D. 2009, professor at Florida State U.), Lin Zhang (Ph.D. 2009, professor at Peking U.), Monika Kopacz (Ph.D. 2009, NOAA program manager), Easan Drury (Ph.D. 2009, CTO, Braggawatt Energy), Duncan Fairlie (Ph.D. 2009, scientist at NASA/Langley), Noelle Eckley (Ph.D. 2007, professor at MIT), May Fu (Ph.D. 2007, professor at SuSTec), Rynda Hudman (Ph.D. 2007, scientist at EPA), Shiliang Wu (Ph.D. 2007, professor at Michigan Tech), Yaping Xiao (Ph.D. 2007, software engineer at Broadridge); Colette Heald (Ph.D. 2005, professor at MIT); Arlene Fiore (Ph.D. 2003, professor at MIT); Qinbin Li (Ph.D. 2003, professor at UCLA); Hongyu Liu (Ph.D. 2002, scientist at NASA/Langley); Randall Martin (Ph.D. 2002, professor at Washington U.); Amanda Staudt (Ph.D. 2001, BASC Director at the National Academy of Sciences); Yuhang Wang (Ph.D. 1998, professor at Georgia Tech); Larry Horowitz (Ph.D. 1997, scientist at NOAA/GFDL); Jinyou Liang (Ph.D. 1997); Denise Mauzerall (Ph.D. 1996, professor at Princeton); Yves Balkanski (Ph.D. 1991, scientist at CEA).


Zichong Chen (2021-), Ruijun Dang (2021-), Jared Brewer (2020-22, postdoc at U. Minnesota), Zhen Qu (2020-), Xiao Lu (2019-2021, professor at Sun Yat-sen U.), Shixian Zhai (2019-), Viral Shah (2018-22, scientist at NASA-Goddard), Ke Li (2018-2021, professor at NUIST), Lu Shen (2017-2021, professor at PKU), Kelvin Bates (2017-), Yuzhong Zhang (2017-2019, professor at Westlake U.), Lei Zhu (2017-2019, professor at SuSTec), Jennifer Kaiser (2016-2018, professor at Georgia Tech), Jianxiong Sheng (2015-2018, scientist at MIT), Seb Eastham (2015-2017, scientist at MIT), Lu Hu (2014-2016, professor at U. Montana), Yanxu Zhang (2013-2015, professor at Nanjing U.), Johan Schmidt (2013-2015, manager at Airlabs, Copenhagen), Christoph Keller (2012-2015, scientist at NASA-GSFC), Raluca Ellis (2011-2012, manager at U. Toronto); Fabien Paulot (2011-2014, scientist at NOAA/GFDL); Michael Long (2011-2014, farmer); Tom Breider (2011-2014, data scientist at the Reputation Institute); Emily Fischer (2011-2013, professor at Colorado State U.); Lin Zhang (2009-2012, professor at Peking U.); Christopher Pickett-Heaps (2008-2010, scientist at CSIRO); Jingqiu Mao (2008-2010, professor at U. Alaska Fairbanks); Nicole Downey (2006-2008, Principal, Earth System Sciences LLC); Folkert Boersma (2005-2007, scientist at KNMI); Dylan Millet (2005-2006, professor at U. Minnesota); Jun Wang (2005-2007, professor at U. Iowa); Solene Turquety (2004-2005, Maitre de Conferences at U. Paris VI); Becky Alexander (2002-2004, professor at U. Washington); Rokjin Park (2001-2004, professor at Seoul National U.; Paul Palmer (1999-2002, professor at U. Edinburgh); Loretta Mickley (1997-2000, senior research fellow at Harvard); Dylan Jones (2001-2004, professor at U. Toronto); Mat Evans (2000-2003, professor at U. York); Isabelle Bey (1997-2001, director, MeteoSwiss); Nadine (Bell) Unger (2000-2001, professor at U. Exeter); Celine Mari (1998-1999, director at CNRS); Francois Ravetta (1999-2000, scientist at IPSL Paris) ; Nathalie Poisson (1998-1999, program manager, ADEME, France); Philip Cameron-Smith (1998-2000,scientist at LLNL); Martin Schultz (1997-1999, director at Forschungzentrum Julich); Lyatt Jaegle(1996-2000, professor at U. Washington); Mian Chin (1991-1994, scientist at NASA/GSFC).


  • Modeling of Atmospheric Chemistry, by G.P. Brasseur and D.J. Jacob, Cambridge University Press, 2017.
  • Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry, by D.J. Jacob, Princeton University Press, 1999.

Principal Publications

502 peer-reviewed publications according to the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI)

ISI H-factor =138, Google Scholar H-factor = 172

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Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group Publications






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