Journal Club


The Atmospheric Chemistry Journal Club is designed to facilitate discussion and collaboration between members of the various atmospheric chemistry groups at Harvard and at MIT.


  • Frequency: Every two weeks, Thursdays 5-6 pm in Pierce Hall 100F
  • Who: Undergraduates, Graduate students and first-year post-docs in the Jacob group
  • Food and drinks: Courtesy of Jacob group
  • Speakers: Speakers will rotate among graduate students. If a speaker cannot attend, the speaker should arrange for trade and email the facilitators.
  • Facilitators' role: Senior graduate students will serve as facilitators, organize the speaker list, arrange food, and keep the meeting on time. The facilitators are not in charge of finding replacement speakers. (Currently - Hannah Nesser (hnesser [at] g [dot] harvard [dot] edu) and Eimy Bonilla (ebonilla [at] g [dot] harvard [dot] edu))