Graduate student forum

Everyone is encouraged to bring a figure for roundtable that can either provide others with an idea of the work you've been doing since the last GSF meeting or that illustrates an issue you're experiencing with the model or data analysis etc.


The forum is a place to explain research, ask questions, discuss problems, and get solutions from each other. It is a relaxed and interactive venue where everyone is encouraged to ask questions and exchange ideas, however basic. In addition to research conversations, the forum also exists to pass on advice about courses, qualifying exams, writing papers, giving talks and to socialize.


  • Frequency: Every two weeks, Thursdays 5-6 pm in Pierce Hall 100F
  • Who: Undergraduates, Graduate students and first-year post-docs in the Jacob group
  • Food and drinks: Courtesy of Jacob group
  • Speakers: Speakers will rotate among graduate students. If a speaker cannot attend, the speaker should arrange for trade and email the facilitators.
  • Facilitators' role: Senior graduate students will serve as facilitators, organize the speaker list, arrange food, and keep the meeting on time. The facilitators are not in charge of finding replacement speakers. (Currently - Tina Liu (tianjialiu [at] g [dot] harvard [dot] edu) and Makoto Kelp (mkelp [at] g [dot] harvard [dot] edu))


  1. Round table. 20-30 minutes. We encourage that everyone bring a plot/graph that provides a glimpse into the work you're been doing since the last GSF meeting. Tell us about the obstacles you've encountered, solutions you've discovered. This is also an opportunity to discuss courses, fellowship applications, upcoming talks, etc.
  2. Research presentations: 15 minutes.
    • a research update. Talking about methods, assumptions and analysis can generate great discussions. Results and conclusions are not required!
    • a practice talk for a conference or qualifying exam or defense,
    • a tutorial on some part of someone's work (e.g., explaining an adjoint, the chemistry of SOA, how do we parameterize lightning in the model, ozone chemistry, mercury, pan chemistry)
    • a literature review for someone's new project