Modeling of Atmospheric Chemistry

by Guy P. Brasseur and Daniel J. Jacob, Cambridge University Press, 2017, 606 pp.
  • 1. The concept of model
  • 2. Atmospheric structure and dynamics
  • 3. Chemical processes in the atmosphere
  • 4. Model equations and numerical approaches
  • 5. Formulations of radiative, chemical, and aerosol rates
  • 6. Numerical methods for chemical systems
  • 7. Numerical methods for advection
  • 8. Parameterization of subgrid-scale processes
  • 9. Surface fluxes
  • 10. Atmospheric observations and model evaluation
  • 11. Inverse modeling for atmospheric chemistry
  • Appendix: brief mathematical review
This book provides a comprehensive treatment of fundamental principles and methods in atmospheric chemistry modeling. It retails for about $80 (hardcover), $60 (Kindle). You can also ask your institution to purchase an electronic license from Cambridge Core which will then provide free access to all members of the institution. The electronic license costs about $200.
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