Educational Materials in Atmospheric Chemistry

by Daniel J. Jacob, Harvard University

Daniel Jacob

Lecture slides

Below are powerpoint lecture slides for my undergraduate course in atmospheric chemistry and for my lectures in graduate courses on atmospheric chemistry and modeling. The undergraduate course is supported by my Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry textbook along with Supplemental Problems. The modeling lectures are supported by my Modeling of Atmospheric Chemistry textbook. Many of the slides have animations so you should download the files and view them in slide show mode.

Atmospheric chemistry slides (undergraduate course)

These slides roughly follow the chapters of my Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry book. Some chapters are skipped or consolidated, and chapters 14-16 have been added.

Atmospheric chemistry slides (graduate course)

Atmospheric chemistry modeling slides (graduate course)

Professional advice presentations

Below are professional advice presentations that I have given to Ph.D. students over the years.
lecture_eps200_chapter_1-7.pptx5.48 MB
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lecture_eps133_chapter_4.pptx1.25 MB
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lecture_eps133_chapter_7.pptx7.67 MB
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