Michael B. McElroy

Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences; School of Engineering and Applied Sciences;
e-mail: mbm@io.harvard.edu (Tel: 617-495-4359 Fax: 617-495-4551)


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    Professional Experience

    2001 to 2004 
    Director, Harvard University Center for the Environment
    1996 to present
    Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies, Harvard University
    Chairman, MEDEA, Task Force appointed by Vice-President Gore to advise on environmental aspects of U.S. Intelligence.
    Memberof the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, set up following the Rio Summit to advice the Chinese Premier on environment/development issues
    Chairman, Committee to Establish Undergraduate Concentration in Environmental Science and Public Policy, Harvard University
    1991 to 2001 
    Chairman, Harvard University Committee on Environment 
    1986 to 2000
    Chairman, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University
    1977 to 2008
    Director, Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc., Cambridge, MA
    Co-founder and Chairman of the Board, Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc., Cambridge, MA
    1975 to 1978
    Director of the Center for Earth and Planetary Physics, Harvard University
    1970 to 1986
    Member of the Center for Earth and Planetary Physics, Harvard University
    1970 to 1996
    Abbott Lawrence Rotch Professor of Atmospheric Sciences in the Division of Applied Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
    1963 to 1970
    Physicist (1967-1970), Associate Physicist (1965-1967), Assistant Physicist (1963-1965), Planetary Sciences Division, Kitt Peak National Observatory, Tucson, AZ.
    1962 to 1963 
    Post-doctoral appointment, Theoretical Chemistry Institute, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI. 


    Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
    1962                Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics
    1960                B.A. in Applied Mathematics (with honors)


    2008                Elected Honorary Fellow, Royal Irish Academy
    1991                Honorary DSc., Queen's University of Belfast, N. Ireland.
    1989                Research and Development Award, National Energy Resources Organization.
    1989                George Ledlie Prize. For the person at Harvard University who "since the last awarding of said prize, has by research, discovery, or otherwise made the most valuable contribution to science, or in any way for the benefit of mankind."
    1987                Eire Society Gold Medal Award.
    1978                NASA Public Service Medal.
    1977                The American Association for the Advancement of Science Newcomb Cleveland Prize. Awarded collectively to all the participants in the Viking mission.
    1968                James B. Macelwane Award by the American Geophysical Union for "outstanding contributions in the field of planetary atmospheres."

    Professional Society Memberships

    American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Fellow and former Councillor).
    American Astronomical Society
    American Geophysical Union (Fellow).
    American Association for the Advancement of Science (Fellow).
    International Academy of Astronautics (Fellow).


    Born May 18, 1939.  Married, two children.

    Membership on Committees


    • Stratospheric Research Advisory Committee
    • Space and Earth Science Advisory Committee
    • Weather, Climate, and Oceans Advisory Subcommittee
    • Advisory Council Subcommittee for New Directions

    U.S. Congress

    • MEDEA (current)
    • Space Program Advisory Panel, Office of Technology Assessment

    National Academy of Sciences

    • Committee on Climate, Energy and National Security (current)
    • Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy
    • Panel on Global Tropospheric Chemistry
    • Committee on the Atmospheric Effects of Nuclear Explosions
    • Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate
    • Space Science Board
    • Committee for the International Geosphere/Biosphere Program

    U.S. Government

    • Environmental Task Force
    • Member  Intelligence Science Board


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