The 1st GEOS-Chem Europe meeting (GCE1) has been adjusted to accommodate the current circumstances and will now take place virtually via Zoom from Tuesday 1 September to Wednesday 2 September. The meeting is being organized by Mathew Evans (York), Eloise Marais (Leicester), and Paul Palmer (Edinburgh). GEOS-Chem is a global model of atmospheric composition used by a large international research community for a wide range of applications. This is the first GEOS-Chem meeting in Europe (or at least on a European timezone) to benefit the European community using GEOS-Chem and to supplement the International GEOS-Chem meetings (IGC) held at Harvard in alternate years.

The scope of GCE1 will encompass all topics of research in atmospheric composition and air quality, not restricted to Europe. All research scientists, students, and stakeholders worldwide are welcome to attend and contribute presentations. For GEOS-Chem users, the meeting will provide a platform for sharing results from scientific application of the model, sharing information about the model, learning about new model developments and features, and initiating collaborations.

GCE1 will be over 2 days and comprise 4 sessions:

  • Day 1 (morning): keynote presentation, science talks
  • Day 1 (afternoon): GEOS-Chem overview talks, pseudo-poster sessions, breakout room social
  • Day 2 (morning): keynote presentation, science talks
  • Day 2 (afternoon): keynote presentation, science talks, pseudo-poster sessions

See the Agenda webpage for a detailed meeting schedule.

For questions regarding the meeting please contact Mathew Evans and/or Eloise Marais.

We look forward to seeing you (virtually) in September!