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  4. Working Group meetings you would like to attend (multiple answers OK). Options are:
    • Adjoint Model and Data Assimilation (Chairs: Daven Henze and Jun Wang)
    • Aerosols (Chairs: Becky Alexander, Colette Heald, Jeff Pierce, and Fangqun Yu)
    • Carbon Cycle (Chairs: Kevin Bowman and Dylan Jones)
    • Chemistry-Ecosystems-Climate (Chairs: Jeff Geddes, Hong Liao, Lee Murray, and Amos Tai)
    • Organics (Chairs: Emily Fisher, Jintai Lin, Eloise Marais, and Dylan Millet)
    • GEOS-Chem High Performance (Chairs: Randall Martin and Sebastian Eastham)
    • Hg and POPs (Chairs: Jenny Fisher and Chris Holmes)
    • Chemistry (Chairs: Mathew Evans, Barron Henderson, Lu Hu, and Jingqiu Mao)
    • Transport (Chairs: Hongyu Liu and Andrea Molod)
  5. Model clinics you would like to attend (multiple answers OK). Options are:
    • Getting GEOS-Chem running (led by Melissa Sulprizio)
    • GEOS-Chem for developers (led by Bob Yantosca)
    • GEOS-Chem high performance (GCHP) (led by Lizzie Lundgren)
    • GEOS-Chem nested model (led by Yuxuan Wang and Lin Zhang)
    • Running GEOS-Chem on the Amazon cloud (led by Jiawei Zhuang)
    • GEOS-Chem adjoint model (led by Daven Henze)
    • GEOS-Chem as chemical module for meteorological model and ESMs (led by Seb Eastham)