The 9th International GEOS-Chem Meeting (IGC9) will be held at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA, USA) on May 6–9, 2019. GEOS-Chem meetings are held at Harvard every two years. They provide an opportunity for the GEOS–Chem user community to share results, address problems, initiate collaborations, set new directions for model development, and contribute to model management and vision. Much beyond that, the GEOS-Chem meetings have earned a reputation as a general scientific forum for discussion of cutting-edge issues in modeling atmospheric composition and interpreting atmospheric observations.

The meeting will feature:

  • Contributed oral and poster scientific presentations;
  • Keynote presentations by distinguished scientists external to the GEOS-Chem community;
  • Breakout meetings of GEOS-Chem Working Groups to share problems and define model development priorities;
  • Model clinics for GEOS-Chem users of different abilities and interests
  • Evening socials including a Young Scientists' social.

Registration for the 9th International GEOS-Chem Meeting (IGC9) is now closed.

We are grateful for the financial support for the meeting offered by NASA, NSF, NOAA, HUCE, EPRI, and the MIT GEOS-Chem community.

Daniel Jacob (djacob@fas.harvard.edu), GEOS-Chem model scientist, for questions about meeting content.
Brenda Mathieu (bmathieu@seas.harvard.edu), GEOS-Chem meeting support lead, for questions about logistics.