Presentations and Posters

Mon 04 May 2015: Model Overview | GEOS-Chem Working Groups | Aerosol Chemistry and Microphysics | GEOS-Chem Model Clinics | Model Overview | Monday Posters
Tue 05 May 2015: Chemistry-Climate | Carbonaceous Aerosols | Carbon Cycle & Organics | Tuesday Posters
Wed 06 May 2015: Mercury and Persistent Organic Pollutants | Regional and Global Air Quality | Sources and Sinks | Wednesday Posters
Thu 07 May 2015: Tropospheric Ozone | Nitrogen Cycle

Monday, May 4

Model Overview (Yuhang Wang, Georgia Tech, Chair) GEOS-Chem Working Groups (Colette Heald, MIT, Chair) Aerosol Chemistry and Microphysics (Fangqun Yu, SUNY-Albany, Chair) Photochemistry (Becky Alexander, U. Washington, Chair) GEOS-Chem Model Clinics Posters

Tuesday, May 5

Chemistry-Climate (Loretta Mickley, Harvard, Chair) Carbonaceous Aerosols (Matthew Alvarado, AER, Chair) Carbon Cycle & Organics (Ray Nassar, Environment Canada, Chair) Posters

Wednesday, May 6

Mercury and Persistent Organic Pollutants (Leonard Levin, EPRI, Chair) Regional and Global Air Quality (Amos Tai, Chinese U. Hong Kong, Chair) Sources and Sinks (Prasad Kasibhatla, Duke, Chair) Posters

Thursday, May 7

Tropospheric Ozone (Hiroshi Tanimoto, NIES Japan, Chair) Nitrogen Cycle (Jenny Fisher, U. Wollongong, Chair)