We list below the major new GEOS-Chem developments and their developers from version 12.4 (released August 2019) to version 13.1 (released June 2021). If these developments have benefited your work we strongly encourage you to offer co-authorship on publications to the relevant developers. This page is reviewed by the GEOS-Chem Steering Committee at every new X.Y version release. Older developments are adequately credited by citation following the guidelines in the Narrative GEOS-Chem Description page. A full version history of GEOS-Chem development can be found on the GEOS-Chem versions wiki page. For questions or guidance please contact the relevant Working Group Chair or Model Scientist. For new developments in the adjoint model see the adjoint wiki page.

New developments in GEOS-Chem versions 12.4.0 - 13.0.0

Older developments