GEOS-Chem Online User's Guide

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6. GEOS-Chem Run Directories

6.1 Installation instructions

There is a unique run directory for every combination of meteorological field, grid resolution, and simulation type. Run directories are small enough to store in your personal disk space. Each run directory contains the following:

A collection of GEOS-Chem run directories are stored in the GEOS-Chem Unit Test repository, which is stored on You can create fresh copies of any GEOS-Chem run directories by using the gcCopyRunDirs perl script and the CopyRunDirs.input configuration file within the Unit Test's perl directory. For detailed instructions on creating run directories for your GEOS-Chem simulations, please see the Creating GEOS-Chem run directories wiki page. Quick links to relevant subsections of this wiki page are provided below.

The 1-month benchmark output for recent GEOS-Chem versions are posted online. You may download them via anonymous FTP from:

6.2 GEOS-Chem input files contained in the run directory

For a complete list of GEOS-Chem input files that ship with each run directory, please see the GEOS Chem Input Files wiki page. Of these, the most important is input.geos, where users the set start and end times and toggle the various GEOS-Chem components on or off.

6.3 Output files created by GEOS-Chem in the run directory

For a complete list output files that GEOS-Chem will create in the run directory, please see the GEOS-Chem Output Files wiki page.

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