GEOS-Chem Online User's Guide

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14. GEOS-Chem Reference Guides

GEOS-Chem employs the ProTeX automatic documentation system to create highly detailed GEOS-Chem reference guides from comments in the source code documentation headers. You can build these reference guides in both PDF and PostScript formats by navigating to your source code directory (e.g. Code.GC12) and typing:

make doc

You may also use the following links to access the GEOS-Chem 12.0.0 (aka v11-02-final) reference guides in PDF format:

  1. GEOS-Chem Utility Modules
  2. GEOS-Chem Core Modules
  3. GEOS-Chem History Modules
  4. HEMCO Modules
  5. Makefiles

For more information about the ProTeX system, please see the Automatic documentation with protex wiki page.

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