GEOS–Chem v8–02–01 Online User's Guide

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Appendix 6: GEOS–Chem List of Chemical Species

The following is a list of chemical species (active + inactive) in the current GEOS–Chem chemical mechanism file globchem.dat. These species are used in the full chemistry simulation via SMVGEAR II. Many of these species are short-lived, and do not have to be transported as GEOS–Chem tracers.

For more information and documentation, please visit the GEOS–Chem chemistry mechanism page.

Code name Chemical formula Real name or description
--------- ---------------- ------------------------
A3O2 CH3CH2CH2OO primary RO2 from C3H8
ACET CH3C(O)CH3 Acetone
ACHO C6H5CHO Benzaldehyde
ACTA CH3COOH Acetic acid
ALD2 CH3CHO Acetaldehyde
ALK4 RH C4,5 alkanes
ATO2 RO2 from Acetone
B3O2 CH3CH(OO)CH3 secondary RO2 from C3H8
C2H6 C2H6 Ethane
C3H8 C3H8 Propane
CH4 CH4 Methane
CO CO Carbon monoxide
CO2 CO2 Carbon dioxide
DMS CH3SCH3 Dimethyl sulfide
EOH C2H5OH Ethanol
ETO2 C2H5OO Ethylperoxy radical
ETP C2H5OOH Peroxide from ETO2
GCO3 HOCH2C(O)OO hydroxy peroxyacetyl radical
GLCO3 HCOHC(O)OO Peroxyacyl from GLYX
GLP HCOHC(O)OOH Peroxide from GLCO3
GLPAN HCOHC(O)OONO2 Peroxyacylnitrate from GLCO3
GLYC HOCH2CHO Glycolaldehyde (Hydroxyacetaldehyde)
GP HOCH2C(O)OOH Peroxide from GCO3
GPAN HOCH2C(O)OONO2 Peroxyacylnitrate from GCO3
H H Hydrogen atom
H2 H2 Hydrogen molecule
H2O H2O Water vapor
H2O2 H2O2 Hydrogen peroxide
HAC CH2(OH)C(O)CH3 Hydroxyacetone
HCOOH HCOOH Formic acid
HNO2 HNO2 Nitrous acid
HNO3 HNO3 Nitric acid
HNO4 HNO4 Pernitric acid
HO2 HO2 Hydroperoxyl radical
IALD HOCH2C(CH3)=CHCHO hydroxy carbonyl alkenes from isoprene
IAO2 RO2 from isoprene oxidation products
IAP Peroxide from IAO2
ISNO3 RNOx Stable organic nitrate
ISN1 RO2 from ISN2
ISNP Peroxide from ISN1
INPN Peroxide from ISN2
ISOP C5H8 Isoprene
KO2 RO2 from >C3 ketones
MACR CHOC(CH2)CH3 Methacrolein
MAN2 RO2 from MACR+NO3
MAO3 Peroxyacyl from MVK and MACR
MAOP Peroxide from MAO3
MAP CH3C(O)OOH Peroxyacetic acid
MCO3 CH3CO3 Peroxyacetyl radical
MEK RC(O)R >C3 ketones
MGLY CH3COCHO Methylglyoxal
MNO3 CH3NO3 Methylnitrate
MO2 CH3OO Methylperoxy radical
MOH CH3OH Methanol
MP CH3OOH Methylhydroperoxide
MRP Peroxide from MRO2
MSA CH3SO3H Methyl sulfonic acid
MVK H2CCHC(O)CH3 Methylvinylketone
N2 N2 Nitrogen molecule
N2O N2O Nitrous acide
N2O5 N2O5 Dinitrogen pentoxide
NH2 NH2 Ammonia radical
NH3 NH3 Ammonia
NO NO Nitric oxide
NO2 NO2 Nitrogen dioxide
NO3 NO3 Nitrate radical
O O Oxygen atom (3P)
O2 O2 Oxygen molecule
O2CH2OH O2CH2OH produced by CH2O+HO2
O3 O3 Ozone
OH OH Hydroxyl radical
PAN CH3C(O)OONO2 Peroxyacetylnitrate
PMN CH2=C(CH3)C(O)OONO2 Peroxymethacryloyl nitrate (MPAN)
PO2 HOC3H6O2 RO2 from propene
PP HOC3H6OOH Peroxide from PO2
PPN CH3CH2C(O)OONO2 Peroxypropionylnitrate
PRN1 RO2 from propene+NO3
PRPE C3H6 Propene
PRPN Peroxide from PRN1
R4N1 RO2 from R4N2
R4N2 RO2NO C4,5 alkylnitrates
R4O2 RO2 from ALK4
R4P Peroxide from R4O2
RA3P Peroxide from A3O2
RB3P Peroxide from B3O2
RCHO RCHO >C2 aldehydes
RCO3 CH3CH2C(O)OO Peroxypropionyl radical
RCOOH RCOOH >C2 organic acids
RIO1 RO2 from isoprene oxidation products
RIO2 RO2 from isoprene
RIP Peroxide from RIO2
ROH ROH >C2 alcohols
RP CH3CH2C(O)OOH Peroxide from RCO3
SO2 SO2 Sulfur Dioxide
SO4 SO4 Sulfate
VRO2 RO2 from MVK+OH
VRP Peroxide from VRO2

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