Modeling of Atmospheric Chemistry

by Guy P. Brasseur (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology - Hamburg) and Daniel J. Jacob (Harvard University)

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As of March 2016 the final draft book is now complete and will be published by Cambridge University Press later in 2016 or in 2017. Comments to the authors are welcome. The pdfs are password-protected. If you would like to read/comment on the chapters please email the authors at or to receive the password.

Preface [PDF]
Table of Contents [PDF]
Chapter 1: The Concept of Model (March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Chapter 2: Atmospheric Structure and Dynamics (March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Chapter 3: Chemical Processes in the Atmosphere(March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Chapter 4: Model Equations and Numerical Approaches (March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Chapter 5: Radiative, Chemical, and Aerosol Processes(March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Chapter 6: Numerical Methods for Chemical Systems(March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Chapter 7: Numerical Methods for Advection(March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Chapter 8: Parameterization of Subgrid-scale Processes(March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Chapter 9: Surface Fluxes (March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Chapter 10: Atmospheric Observations and Model Evaluation (March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Chapter 11: Inverse Modeling for Atmospheric Chemistry (March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Appendix A: Physical Constants and other Data (March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Appendix B: Units, Multiplying Prefixes, and Conversion Factors (March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Appendix C: International Reference Atmosphere (March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Appendix D: Chemical Mechanism (March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Appendix E: Brief Mathematical Review (March 2016 draft) [PDF]
Further Reading (March 2016 draft) [PDF]