The Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group is housed on the first and ground floors of Pierce Hall (29 Oxford St., Cambridge MA, on the main Harvard campus). The Maxwell-Dworkin building (i.e. the usual site of our GEOS–Chem Meetings), is located adjacent to Pierce Hall. Once you arrive at Pierce Hall, you can walk to Maxwell-Dworkin via a connecting bridge.

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This interactive Google map shows our location. You can use this to get directions from your location to our offices at 29 Oxford St.

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This map of the Harvard campus will give you a more general perspective. The campus has three stars on the Michelin Guide so we hope you'll have some time to walk around.


The subway in Boston is the MBTA (aka "the T"). This is probably the best way to get to the Harvard campus from downtown or from the Logan Airport. You can use the MBTA Trip Planner Tool to find out which subway and/or bus lines you need to take.

We are located a short walking distance from the HARVARD station on the RED LINE. Once you arrive at Harvard square, use these directions:

  • Exit the HARVARD station via the CHURCH STREET / HARVARD YARD exit. This is a secondary exit, and not the main exit. As you exit through the turnstiles, follow the signs for HARVARD YARD and take the left-hand exit stairs to street level.

  • Once you arrive at the top of the exit stairs, the main campus gate will be just ahead of you on the right.

  • Walk through the main campus gate into the Old Yard.

  • As you get into the Yard, take a left and walk (north) through the Yard, exiting through one of the two north gates. As you exit the Yard there will be a big odd-looking building in front of you. That's the Science Center, donated by the Polaroid Corp. in the 1970s and designed to look like an old-fashioned camera.

  • After having reflected on the fleeting nature of architectural tastes, go around the Science Center to the right and walk north. You are now on Oxford St. 50 m on your left is Pierce Hall, an early-20th century red brick building.

  • Walk in through the first entrance and up a short set of stairs. Daniel Jacob's office (110C) is on the first floor on your right. Group secretary Brenda Mathieu's office (109) is in front of you. Loretta Mickley's office is 109A; enter through Brenda's office. For Elsie Sunderland, take a left and then a right down a short hall to Pierce 107F.

This map shows the walking route from the HARVARD MBTA STATION to Pierce Hall. Maxwell-Dworkin is the building just to the north of Pierce.

Map from Harvard T


By Subway:

Most of us locals take the MBTA subway (aka "the T"). The T's Silver Line service makes it much easier to get from Logan Airport to Harvard. The trip takes 40 minutes.

  • Purchase a T ticket ("CharlieTicket") to get on the SILVER LINE. There should be clearly marked automated fare machines in each of Logan Airport's terminals (on the lower level, near the ground transportation information). Personnel should be available to assist you in using the fare machines. If in doubt ask for assistance. The fare is $2.00.

  • After purchasing your CharlieTicket, proceed from the airport "ground transportation" exit to the SILVER LINE BUS STOP. (Silver Line buses stop outside each of Logan's main terminals.)

  • Take SILVER LINE route #SL1 to SOUTH STATION. The Silver Line buses are large and have plenty of room for luggage. Silver Line buses run approximately every 10-15 minutes, and every 7-8 mins at peak times.

  • At SOUTH STATION, transfer to the RED LINE subway inbound platform (direction: towards Alewife). This is a free transfer.

  • Take the RED LINE 6 stops to HARVARD STATION.

  • Exit from HARVARD STATION via the "Church St./Harvard Yard" exit. As you exit the station, follow the signs to "Harvard Yard" (i.e. take the left-hand staircase that leads to street level). Upon arriving at street level, the main campus gate will be just ahead to your right. Walk through the gate and follow the directions from Harvard Subway Station.

By Cab:

Exit your airport terminal and find the taxicab queue. Once you find a cab, the trip will take 15-30 minutes depending on traffic. It'll cost you about $40 including an expected 10-15% tip. There's a $6.50 airport pickup charge, so don't get nervous if you see the driver putting that amount on the meter as soon as you step in. Tell the driver "Harvard Square" and ask to be dropped at the main campus gate in front of Harvard Yard. From there follow the directions from Harvard Square Subway Station.


Get directions from Map Quest, Google Maps, or equivalent tools. But the real problem is parking. There is no visitor parking on campus. Your best bet is to find an open spot somewhere on Oxford St. and feed the meter.